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Another great way to enjoy fine art photography is with digital wallpapers. They are the perfect solution to personalize your computer, smart phone, or tablet. Forget about default wallpapers and find ones to match your preferences. We have many to choose from!

I like to think that wallpapers are something dynamic; something you change periodically as your tastes change. That is why I will add new wallpapers periodically.

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The Newest

Promenade Jaume I (Salou, Catalonia) Preview
5 starts views 98
Girona, Temps de Flors 2018 (Catalonia) Preview
5 starts views 63
The Backyard of Girona Cathedral (Catalonia) Preview
5 starts views 62
Promenade Jaume I (Salou, Catalonia) Girona, Temps de Flors 2018 (Catalonia) The Backyard of Girona Cathedral (Catalonia)

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Blue Water Drop Preview
5 starts views 3015
Embers Preview
5 starts views 2726
Golden Clouds Preview
5 starts views 2686
Blue Water Drop Embers Golden Clouds

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Lake Taupo Sunset, New Zealand Preview
5 starts views 2070
Smoke Close Up Preview
5 starts views 1661
Road Throw The Snow Preview
5 starts views 1101
Lake Taupo Sunset, New Zealand Smoke Close Up Road Throw The Snow